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A Dead End on Durham Warp Transposition

A particularly intriguing section in Collingwood (page 278 in the 2002 edition) concerns warp transposition (swapping the positions of tablets so their warp threads completely cross over).  It reads: The controlling tablets are lifted from their place, passed over one or more tablets to the right or left and then re-inserted in the pack... the earliest example of the technique is a seal tag from Durham Cathedral, dated between 1189 and 1197 (Henshall, 1964) Henshall, 1964 is 'Five Tablet Woven Seal Tags' in Archaeological Journal , Vol. CXXI.  I finally got my hands on this article last week.  It may blow nobody's mind to learn it details five different tablet woven bands.  They are: Braid in double-faced plain weave with geometric pattern 1194-1215 Thora Sharptooth has written about this band. Braid in double-faced plain weave with chequer pattern 1165-1174 Braid in double-faced diagonal weave with animal patterns 1189-1196 Brocaded band in plain tablet weave