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Masku Humikkala, 8658:H17

Warp: Red, yellow and blue wool (fibreholics) Weft: blue Pattern: Masku Humikkala, 8658:H17 Cards: 14 Width: 7mm Length: 110cm Don't get too excited, this is not the well-known Masku Humikkala band covered by Hansen, but a simpler band from the same site. My information on this band comes from Maikki Karisto who is a weaving teacher from Finland. Her information comes from Seija Sarkki's 1979 thesis "Suomen ristiretkiaikaiset nauhat" which covers bands from the Finnish crusade period. The diagram above is from Maikki but doctored by me. The original diagram was missing the outer tablet on each side. Sarkki was unaware of these tablets because the band has a tubular selvedge and as a result the outer warps were hidden on the reverse of the band. The technique of the band is very similar to Snartemo II . The border tablets contain 4 threads of the same colour while the pattern tablets have two threads, diagonally opposite and alternating positions