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Mammen 3/1 Broken Twill

Warp: Blue and white wool (fibreholics) Weft: Blue and white wool (fibreholics) Pattern: Mammen band Cards: 17 pattern + 2x2 border Width: 1.5cm Length: 80cm This is the first "vanilla" 3/1 broken twill band I have done and it was a bit unexciting after Humikkala. I am generally pretty good at doing the same thing over and over again but I got quite bored with this one. I don't think it's the technique for me although I'm sure I'll end up doing more of it- I do want to try the Evebo band and at least pattern out that Chinese lion from Collingwood. This band will form one of the straps that hold my straw mattress to my Oseberg bed. That means 3 other random bits of tablet weaving to do in the next 6 months.