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Warp: White and blue wool Weft: White wool Pattern: Hochdorf find no. 39 Cards: 32 pattern + 4x2 border Width: 1.8cm Length: Approx. 1m This is my first go at the technique sometimes referred to as "pebble weave" due to the sort of dimples or "pebbles" of the contrasting colour that appear in the ground areas.  "Pebble weave" can also refer to an Andean technique which is not the same thing. Excluding the border tablets, tablets are threaded in two holes, alternating in pairs of SS and ZZ. Each pair is turned as a unit.  To get the background area (white with blue dimples in my version), all rows do a quarter turn twice in one direction and then twice in the other.  To bring the other colour to the front, do not reverse the turning direction of a pair. In the pattern above right, each B or F represents 2 tablets turning backward or forward for 2 quarter turns.  Originally I just had a "pattern" showing what the finished band looks