Evebo Band

Warp: Blue (fibreholics) and white (Anna Gratton) wool
Weft: white wool
Pattern: Evebo band, pattern by Maikki Karisto
Cards: 22 pattern + 2x1 border (original has a wide border)
Width: 1.5cm
Length: 76cm (43 cm for 1 full repeat of pattern)

I had just strung up my inkle loom with the intent of weaving the Evebo band using this pattern - which I believe is based on Lise Raeder Knudsen's pattern which is the one in Hansen- when Maikki Karisto coincidentally emailed me with suggestions of bands I might like to try- including this one, which she offered to share her pattern for. 

Maikki's pattern has 22 pattern tablets as opposed to the 23 in the GTT pattern.  It also includes the partial 6th figure from the edge of the band.  

The GTT pattern also does not include the zigzag region which occurs twice in the pattern.  This region is particularly interesting because the tablets lose their offset to one another so that the zigzag is symmetrical.

This band was a lot more fun to weave than the Mammen 3/1 twill band I did earlier in the year, presumably because the figures are so much cuter!  I had some trouble controlling the width of the band- it tended to inflate when I entered the plain areas.

I will use this band as the second of my straps for my straw mattress.


  1. That's really lovely work, and an excellent realization of the original pattern.

  2. Thank you! Maikki takes all the credit for the pattern.

  3. Is the book due to come out anytime soon? I'm planning on weaving this pattern for a friend. I'm on the SCA cardweaving list, but I can't read GTT files. I have a friend that was going to copy it for me from Hanson's book, but I know Lise stated that there are errors in the book pattern. Is there anyway you can get permission to share this pattern with me, or put me in contact with Maikki so I can ask her myself? Thank you, and I've enjoyed reading your blog!

  4. Hi, not sure whether Maikki would be willing to share or not but what I can do for sure is take screenshots of the GTT patterns for you. Would that be useful?

  5. That would be great! My e-mail is aldgytha@earthlink.net


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