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Period bands in Collingwood

Peter Collingwood's The Techniques of Tablet Weaving is probably the most comprehensive book out there on tablet weaving in general. It also contains a lot of information on (SCA) period bands. However since the book is organised by technique and not by time or place, it can be hard to track these details down. Below for my own reference and that of other people is a list of items from the SCA period that I have found from skimming the 2002 book. If you notice something I've missed (and I'm bound to have missed something!) please let me know.
p108, 208, plate 167 Maniple of St Ulrich, diagonals and brocading
p109 Egyptian diagonals including medieval Finnish bands
p114, 217 12th century Sicilian Orphrey, diagonals and brocadingp117 12th century belt of Philip of Swabia, checkerboard effect with warp twiningp119 9th-10th century Germanic (Augsburg and Speyer) bands, lettering with warp twining
p122 "Anglo-Saxon" belt with card idling- more recent research suggests …