Birka 6

Warp: Dark green silk
Brocade: Spun sterling silver (Devere)
Pattern: Birka 6
Cards: 21
Width: 1.2cm
Length: 2m

This band is for Bjorn, in return for the replica Viking beater in the previous post, as well as a bone pickup stick and some antler bobbins which I will blog about shortly. It is very similar to the other Birka patterns I have done.

Bjorn supplied me with some 28 gauge sterling silver wire to use for the brocade, but I couldn't make it turn corners sharply enough. You can see my attempt to use it at left in the picture below. When that failed I turned to Devere's sterling silver metalic thread around a cotton core. It is very nice to work with, my favourite brocade thread so far. I used it double stranded.

Bjorn liked the band, originally intended for cuffs around his tunic, enough to commission more of the same- this time to go around the neck- in return for a chest, so I'm about to start on a second metre of it.


  1. You do exquisitely beautiful work! I'm sorry I don't have enough skill at handwork of any kind, or I'd request a commission from you myself.

  2. That sterling silver thread does a beautiful job for brocading. The band is lovely!

  3. Do you have any pattern for it? it looks amazing

  4. Do you have any pattern for it? it looks amazing


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