Cloak trim

Warp: Blue silk
Weft: Blue DMC embroidery cotton
Brocade: Spun gold (Anchor)
Pattern: 11th-12th century chasuble
Cards: 31
Width: 2cm
Length: 60cm

This is part 1 of the weaving I did for Enith. The pattern is from EPAC, page 180. There's nothing exciting about it except that it was the first brocaded piece I did with the warp spreader (worked very nicely) and I used three strands of the brocade to try to improve coverage. It seemed to work- at least the coverage was much better than the beanie cap trim I did using otherwise identical materials.


  1. Do you have a picture of the warp spreader? I'd be interested to see it, particularly in action.


  2. Hopefully you have seen my next post- no photos of it in action yet but I expect I'll be using it at Canterbury Faire


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