Shoe planning

Almost 2 months since last post and not a lot to report.  I've just started a new project but it's not going to be a quick one.  I'm going to make 12th century "Pontifical shoes" with tablet woven bands on them.  The bands and their layout will be inspired by the shoes of Philipp von Schwaben and the construction of the shoes will be similar to a number of other pairs from around the same time or slightly earlier.  Some of these shoes are pretty bling, with silk coverings, tablet weaving, embroidery (mostly chain stitch and wire embroidery), gilt leather, decorative rivets, precious stones and cutouts (I don't think any of them have *all* of those things but some have most).  Here are some links if you're interested:

Photo of shoes of Bishop Bernhard of Hildesheim (d. 1153)

Fabulous beasts—leather, silk and gold: recent research on and conservation of 12th century footwear from the episcopal tombs in Trèves Cathedral 2005 article on restoration of one of the blingiest pairs

Geschichte der liturgischen Gewänder des Mittelalters  - book from 1859 with a lot of detail on this style of shoe on pages 400-416.

Deadline on this project is Canterbury Faire at the end of January; by then I hope to have a pair of shoes with tablet weaving on them, which can accrete additional decoration over time.


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