Chasuble of St Wolfgang Motif 5

 Yes, I have completely given up on naming these things.  Maybe it's a flower?  Anyway, here it is, the last of the 5 motifs.

I took the photo below, which unusually for me managed to be in focus, and straight away noticed the knot (centre right, in red).  The knot is gone now but I'm glad nobody but the camera is looking that closely! 

 Here's another photo I thought I'd share.  When I finished the first of the two bands, the cards were a wreck, and when I swapped them all out for new ones I thought I'd try to improve the situation by making the cards a bit stiffer, so I painted nail polish around the edges of all of them.  Well, that worked, as far as making the cards stiffer went.  Not a one of them gave out. On the other hand, it didn't have a great effect on the warp.  This picture is of what greeted me when I moved the cards down about 10cm into the second band.  Threads dying all over the place.  Over the following 10cm I replaced almost all the warp threads.  Again. After just doing between the first and second band.
 And here's a photo of the entire two bands.  You can see the lion in the second band looks a bit hairy, well, that's a byproduct of all those warp threads getting replaced, unfortunately.
So what now?  At the moment I'm making a practice run at the Germanic Bliaut these bands are going on, to make sure I get the fit right before I cut into that pretty, pretty fabric.  Then I'll make the real deal. So probably no weaving at least through October- if I can help myself!


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