Band from Chasuble of St Wolfgang

I have a new project.  It is the band on the Chasuble of St Wolfgang (or rather, one of them).  You may have seen the pattern in EPAC on page 120, or plate 179 in Collingwood.  There are photos of the original at Kopert -taken by someone who knows it's useful to show the part of the band where the brocade has worn away!  You can see Nancy's version here but it is not 3/1 broken twill

The band is approximately 3cm wide, has over 120 tablets, and is woven in brocaded 3/1 broken twill.  This is the first time I am combining both techniques so it is a bit of an adventure.  To make things even more exciting, I am weaving it using very thin (120 denier) red and blue filament silk from Devere.  For the brocade I am using real gold thread I bought from John Marshall. I'll be weaving on my inkle loom because there's no way I'll be able to keep things neat otherwise.

EPAC graphs the first figure from the band, the lion (or aardvark pushing a lion mask, as it appears), but there are several more as you can see from the photos of the original linked above.  I will need to graph these myself.

For once I know what the band will be for.  I intend to make a Germanic tunic similar to the one that Teffania is wearing in this post.This band will be made into bicep bands for the garment so I will need about 60cm.

This band is going to take several months so I am not waiting until I am done to write about it.  I have already started weaving and things are going OK at the moment although I am a little nervous it will all go pear shaped at some point.

Sorry, no photos of the pattern section of the band yet so here is one of the part of the band where I was getting up and running (click to enlarge).  Hopefully it give you an idea of what I'm getting myself into!


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