Hallstatt 2 hole

Warp: White and green silk 
Weft: Green silk
Pattern: Hallstatt Inv.Nr. 89.870
Cards: 12 pattern + 1 and 3 border
Width: 9mm
Length: Approx. 75cm

This band is covered in Bunte Tuche & Gleissendes Metall, Frühe Kelten der Hallstattzeit, and also "Tablet-woven Ribbons from the prehistoric Salt-mines at Hallstatt, Austria" - results of some experiments in Hallstatt Textiles. The former describes it as being in Hochdorf technique and the latter as being regular 3/1 broken twill.

I wove the pattern in Hochdorf structure, but rather than the alternating pairs of SS and ZZ I oriented the tablets all Z on the left and S on the right. This allowed the tablets to turn as a pack 2/3 of the time (border excluded).

Sorry the photo is a little blurry, but the end result is quite snappy in person especially considering its simplicity.

If you're wondering about the uneven border, this was present on the original.


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