Neuper #32

Warp: Thin white silk
Weft: Light green silk
Brocade: Yellow silk
Pattern: Anna Neuper #32
Cards: 27
Length: Approx. 1.1 metres

I had some time to kill while I waited for some books and materials to arrive so I did another band from Anna Neuper's Modelbuch using colours I don't like very much.  I'll donate it to something.


  1. I know someone who could use that :) ...She lives in Finland...

  2. If you will pay for postage and promise to send a picture of whatever it ends up on, I will post it to you...

  3. ps. how can I get a contact to you? E-mail?

  4. Beautiful. And a good way to use up colours you don't like. :)

  5. even when you dont like it much you might be surprised how nice it can look if you put it on the right thing

  6. I got it today <3 it is so nice and perfect for my wulsthaube !! I will send you pictures when it is attached. Thank you so much!!!


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