Warp: Dark green silk (fibreholics)
Weft: Dark green silk (devere)
Brocade:  Tambour thread (Hedgehog handworks)
Pattern: Taplow Barrow
Cards: 23 pattern + 2x2 border
Width: 1.2cm
Length: 85cm

This is just a quick brocade pattern I did while waiting for some other stuff to come together. The pattern caught my eye when it was executed by opusanglicanum not long ago.  Since them I've also spotted a version by Gina-B which made me want to buy the metal strip she used on the spot.  Unfortunately Benton and Johnson's website is under maintenance so I will just have to be patient.

The pattern is from page 45 of Crowfoot and Hawkes's Early Anglo-Saxon Gold Braids.

I used the tambour thread which I bought after having trouble with the cornering in the Mammen band.  It's definitely more supple- whether it's supple enough I'm not sure yet because the fibreholics silk I used for this warp is about 5x thicker than the devere stuff I used for the Mammen band.  I'll need to test on a band with a thinner warp and see how it goes.

I did my usual brocade-under-both-upward threads thing here and I think this is a case where it would have made a particular improvement to the band has I only gone under one.  Oh well.

I have no use for this band so I think I'll donate it as a prize in the Canterbury Faire fighter auction tourney or something.


  1. What an interesting design. Thanks for posting the picture.

  2. ... Wonderful job you do, once again!

  3. Thank-you for posting this, I am hoping to make this pattern myself next year. On my screen your dark green displays as an absolutely gorgeous sky blue lol. Don't know what is going on there, everything else shows up properly. How did you hide the brocade weft on the edge of the selveges?

  4. Heh, it looks sort of turquoise on mine. I reality it's more of a dark forest green. I hide the brocade weft at the selvedge by dropping it to the back of the band between the outer and next-to-outer tablets. EPAC says this is the most common turning technique in period bands.


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