Mouse Guard Pouch

I do have something more interesting to write about, but work has been a bit draining recently, and I have really not felt like sitting in front of the computer during Fun Time. So in the meantime, here's a picture of a Mouse Guard pouch I made last week with tubular tabletwoven cords. There are 3 cords 80cm each, woven on 4 cards in wool. The spiral is against the twist so the end result does not look spiral-y.


  1. So cute!!! But I have never seen tabletwoven cords like that, that aren't flat... How do you do that?

  2. It's very easy actually- instead of first passing the weft from left to right then right to left etc, you just keep doing it from the same side. There are some good instructions here:

  3. I was in two minds the otehr week about whether do do tubular tablet or fingerloop briad for a brick sticthed pouch - aam going with tubular next time, I hated fingerlooping.

    the mouse is cute, is the knot in his tail to remind him to put the bins out?

  4. Due to my lack of artistic skill, the mouse is shamelessly copied from the line drawing in the pdf I link to in the post. It's the reversed charge from the device of Mistress Keredwin the Mouse, whom I do not know personally, so I am unable to comment on what it is he's in fear of forgetting ;-)

  5. I just thought I'd say that I just added you to my bloglist on my blog, I hope that's ok! Looking forward to more blogposts from you. =)


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