Still here

Hi, just a quick note to say that I and everyone I know is fine after the quake on Tuesday. Our house is in a bad way and it may not be getting water again for some time so I am staying at my parents' right now and my work will be flying me up to Auckland for a couple of weeks when they can get me a seat. Blogging unlikely in the near future.

28 Feb: Enjoy some photos taken by my flatmate of our house:


  1. Me too! It didn't occur to me till I read your post that you were in the vicinity of the quake! Take care of yourself; we'll still be here when you're able to blog again.

  2. Didn't occur to me you were in that area either! Take care of yourself, my thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone else impacted.

  3. Hi!
    I gave your blog an blogger award today :)
    You will find it in Hibernaatiopesäke.
    Thanks for the good work you do!


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