Snartemo II

Warp: Red and yellow wool (fibreholics)
Weft: red wool
Pattern: Snartemo II
Cards: 16
Width: 1cm
Length: 110cm

I haven't had much time to post recently; most of my time has been going into organising the meal plan for Canterbury Faire. But the event is now over (and went very well!) so back to blogging...

I wanted to have a simple-but-period band warped up for demonstration/teaching, and having just recently done Masku Humikkala, 8658:H17 I thought that Snartemo II would be good, since patterns where the cards turn as a pack are much easier for people to get their head around.

I finally got the band warped up on the Thursday, halfway through the event. As usual, a lot of people came over and opined that the band looked lovely, but they couldn't possibly do anything like that themselves. In fact the majority of the people brave enough to give it a go were children!

The band took form ridiculously quickly compared to other bands I've been doing recently. Strung up on the Oseberg loom there were not a lot of problems with the cards being threaded in 2 holes only. Remembering to do the reversals was the biggest issue!

Lacking any migration era garb (or knowledge thereof) I don't have any use for this band at present- although it is the sort of thing I wouldn't feel *too* guilty about putting on later garb, especially since there were very similar bands being made in Finland over 500 years later.


  1. If you really don't want it....the last Snartnemo piece you sent me is only long enough to do the sleeve ends,*or* the neckline, not both. :-)

  2. I think I'll keep this one for myself, sorry!

  3. That's fine!

    Now that I have the tablet weaving loom I wanted, I may very well try to weave myself one--when I have time again, that is. What type of yarn did you use?

  4. Oooh, what sort of loom?

    It's Mora yarn, 9000 m/kg.

  5. It's more like a frame than a loom--Lynn the Weaver makes them. I posted a picture of it on my blog here

    By the way, it's longer than it looks in the picture--it's nearly a meter long from one end to the other.

    Thanks for the information about the yarn. I have an order in for yarn that may be finer but that I'm eager to experiment with. I'll have to see how it turns out.


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