Snartemo V

Warp: Red, yellow, green and blue wool (fibreholics)
Weft: green wool
Pattern: Phiala's Snartemo V pattern (6th century Norwegian)
Cards: 44
Width: 3.5cm
Length: 50cm

OK, so I said I'd do Snartemo V and here it is. It is from Phiala's pattern, with a few tweaks, and also a few points where I lost track of where I was up to and did the motifs in the wrong order!

This is one of the few bands I have done where there is actually a decent pciture of the original (click through to a larger version). You can see that my own version is a lot more stretched out than the original which is if anything about shorter than square. I found it impossible to get the weft density up using sticky wool.

This is a popular band to try and it always looks great. Here are some other examples:One nice this about this band is that because the eyes are drawn to the regions with long floats, the band looks quite good on the back as well as the front, with very clear motifs with yellow and red switched.


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