Hello my Polish friends

I turned on Google Analytics recently and have discovered that Poland is right up there with New Zealand (where I live) and the US in terms of number of visits to this blog, over 3x more than Australia and Denmark which are tying for 4th place. Additionally, Poland makes up over 40% of my worldwide direct traffic! Not that it isn't great to have you around but I am curious as to what led you here. Would anyone like to offer an explanation in the comments?

A bonus fun fact is that over 80% of all my visitors are on Windows but only 12% are using Internet Explorer :-)


  1. Hello :) Your post made me smile from ear to ear :) I'm from Poland and I found your blog accidentally when looking for photos and information about historical tablet weaving. Your brocaded bands are absolutely stunning! I've been weaving myself for a few years now – feel free to take a look at my webpage and my gallery: http://krajki.prv.pl/ , http://picasaweb.google.com/warsztat.krajek . I suppose that Polish reenactors make up more than half of the visits to your blog :)

  2. Ooh, your bands are just beautiful as well :-) Thanks for sharing the links. I see we've done some of the same Birka patterns. I think maybe tablet weaving is a more popular pastime among re-enactors in Poland than it is elsewhere.

  3. Witaj , nie wiem czy mnie zrozumiesz, mój angielski jest bardzo kiepski, więc piszę po polsku:) Trafiłam na twoja stronę szukając informacji o tkanych taśmach. W Twoim wykonaniu są NIESAMOWITE!! tak mnie zainspirowałeś, że oprócz pisania artykułu nauczyłam się tkać:) dzięki
    Pozdrowienia z Łodzi, z Polski:)

  4. Dziękuję bardzo, Cieszę się, że uznał za pożyteczne!

  5. Greetings from Poland, once again;)


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