Mammen Band Mk II

This is my second go at the Mammen cuffs after my first was lost in the mail. For the specs see the Mammen band Mk I.

This time through I decided to do away with the whole "edge tablets turn every pick" thing by dropping one tablet (Under the stave on the left side). This means there are an even number and as long as you're throwing the ground weft in the right direction one of the threads of the edge tablet is caught up every pass. Additionally it (theoretically) means that the two twines on the outside of the stave border looks symmetrical- although to be fair I'm not neat enough for it to be an issue.

Additionally I wanted to see whether I could encourage the band to be wider by using thicker tablets- the idea being that if the warp splays slightly outwards rather than inwards as it leaves the weaving the band will be more likely to widen than narrow. Since I still don't have any proper tablets yet I achieved this by gluing multiple playing cards together. It may have worked a little since this time through the band was 2cm wide rather than 1.5. I was really trying to keep the band wider though so I'm not sure how much of that can be attributed to the cards. Also they were kinda annoying due to substandard gluing. It's really time I got some proper tablets!

2cm was enough for this band to reach the hallowed goal of having a weft density as high as its warp density! Wow! You wouldn't really want it any higher than that (17 or 18 picks per cm).


  1. The band looks gorgeous. You mention in an earlier post (where comments appear to be closed) that silk is cheaper than cotton.

    Where do you buy your silk? I am willing to buy in bulk, but the prices don't seem comparable in the shops I've found.

  2. Thanks :-) I've been buying my silk from a New Zealand source: (not much use unless you happen to be a local).

    I'm about to try - filament thread, much thinner than what I've been using. The prices look very reasonable.

    Are you the Eowyn from the SCA-Cardweaving list? Your work is beautiful!

  3. I respond very slowly .... but yes, thats me. :)

    I need to start blogging posting. Soon. As soon as schedule allows. Sigh.


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